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IMEC 573 Lift Off – Spray Adhesive Remover / Sticker Label Remover / Glue Remover

Part number: 100-573

RM 42.00

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Product Code : 100-573
Name : IMEC 573 Lift Off – Solvent Based Aerosol Gum and Adhesive Remover
Unit of Measurement : Can
Dilution : Spray Neat
400 ML


1. Solvent-based adhesive remover for satisfying stain removing results

2. Gum & adhesive remover

3. Automotive degrease

4. Household spot remover

5. Ideal for heavy-duty, hard-to-remove stains

6. Will not damage the surface /leave stain after clean

7. Safe & Suitable for Use on Most Hard Surfaces, Furniture, Fabrics, Mirror, Windows, Glass, and even Tinted Surfaces in Cars/Buildings

8. Can be used for industrial, commercial or household cleaning purposes

9. Non-toxic, non-polluting, non-ozone depleting aerosol

10. Recommended to use at Home, Office, Hotel, Retail Shop, School, Automotive, Theatre, Stadium & etc

11. 400ml

Direction of use:

– Gum & adhesive: Spray to remove unwanted label with plastic scraper or cloth

– Automotive degreasing: Spray on and flush with water

– Household fabric spot: Spray and soak before rinsing with warm water and subsequently launder

Household Spot Remover – Clothing, Carpets, Furniture
Gum & Adhesive Remover – Bumper Sticker, Candle Wax, Tapes, Labels
Automative Degreaser – Engines & Motors, Road Tar, Caburetors
**Do not use on Styrene plastics surfaces**



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