Waste Bin (Tong Sampah) & Floor Mat

Buying Tips for Commercial Rubbish Bin

Rubbish bin (also known as tong sampah) comes in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to household rubbish bins, choosing one might not be so difficult, they are available everywhere. However, when it comes to commercial rubbish bin, you need to consider a few things before purchasing. In general, rubbish bins at commercial and industrial level requires specific standards. That is why it is important to know which rubbish bin is suitable for you when you are purchasing a rubbish bin or “tong sampah” for commercial use. Following is a quick guide on choosing suitable commercial rubbish bins and a few tips to help you maximize the use of it.


Quick Guide on Purchasing a Commercial Tong Sampah

The waste generation depends on the size of a business and the type of industry it is in. For example, in the food industry, purchasing rubbish bins for a small to medium size fast food outlets or restaurants doesn’t require big sized rubbish bin (tong sampah). However, if you’re talking about a restaurant that serves up to 100-200 people at the same time, that definitely indicates a high waste generation and a sizable rubbish bin will be necessary to accommodate all the waste. Another type of industry that requires a sizable rubbish bin is the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturing factory, all the materials used are in huge amount of quantities and leftovers or residues are usually thrown away after the products have been manufactured. Those waste generated can be managed properly by having big rubbish bins around, so waste can be collected and thrown efficiently. The first tip in buying a suitable rubbish bin is to estimate the amount of waste that will be generated. Based on the examples given above, it will help to determine the size of the commercial rubbish bin you need. A simple way to put it, the lesser the waste generation, the smaller the rubbish bin required. On the contrary, the more the waste generation, the bigger the rubbish bin needed. Fortunately, rubbish bins nowadays comes in different shapes and size, there are numerous types of rubbish bins available in market. This is good in the sense that when it comes to purchasing a rubbish bin for commercial use, you have a wide range of choices. A variety of materials and sizes of rubbish bins can be chosen to satisfy the requirements of different types of industries. For small to medium sized rubbish bins (tong sampah), there are a few types you can consider like the Free Standing Rubbish Bin, the Two Wheel Rubbish Bin, the Heavy Duty Step On Two Wheel Rubbish Bin, the Polyethylene Outdoor Rubbish Bin and also the Step On With Air Tight Designed Lid Rubbish Bin. Each type comes in different sizes and are used for different purposes. If a lot of waste is generated, then you can consider to purchase rubbish bins like the Four Wheel Bins or Dumpsters. These are also used as a final transportation bin for the waste to be collected by the waste collectors. The material of the rubbish bin is also an important feature. It affects the position, place, and where you will put it. For instance, a polyethylene commercial rubbish bin can be placed anywhere especially outdoors as it won’t be damaged easily when exposed to sunlight and rain. Where is the best place to get your desired rubbish bins? Now you can browse through a huge range of rubbish bins in iMEC website to find the most suitable rubbish bin that suits your needs.


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