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LKM Hygiene Care has been bringing cleaning innovations and solutions to Malaysia, and countries worldwide. As the leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning products, LKM Hygiene Care offers the best range of hygiene solutions to various industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, and Government agencies for both Domestic and International Market.

LKM Hygiene Care marked a new milestone with its headquarter moved to a new bigger premise with full facilities in Kajang. With a fully equipped Research & Development facility, LKM Hygiene Care strives for continuous product improvement and development to build new market trends and set new standards for excellence in the cleaning industry.

In addition to our strong Sales & Service Network in Malaysia and Asia Pacific Region, LKM Hygiene Care now brings to you a whole new buying experience for Hygiene Solutions via lkmhc.com.my!


We aspire to be a global leader of commercial and industrial cleaning products and equipments, not only as an OEM and sole distributor of international brands, but also as a manufacturer of our own internationally-recognized brands. In short, we aim to be "THE GLOBAL HYGIENE SOLUTION PROVIDER".


  • To provide all commercial and industrial hygiene solutions to our customers.
  • To always exceed customer’s expectations.
  • To stamp our footprint all over the Asia Pacific region.
  • To extend our marketing reach beyond the Asia Pacific’s borders and make inroads into other continents.
  • To intensity R&D efforts to introduce quality brands of our own.
  • To always maintain the highest quality standards in our products and services.


"At LKM Hygiene Care, we understand your cleaning needs. Our years of experience and continuous effort in Product & Developemnt makes us who we are today. We take the lead in new product innovations and set the trend in cleaning industry. Together, we can achieve a safer & cleaner environment for you and future generations."

Why Should You Choose LKM Hygiene Care as Your Commercial Cleaning Products Supplier?

We carry cleaning products that are Halal-certified that can be ordered one at a time or in bulk. Whether you need hand sanitizer for your restaurant, a carpet cleaner for the office, cleaning tools and equipment to fill your janitor closet, or a new set of waste bins and floor mats, our online catalog has something for you. Some of the commercial cleaning products iMEC proudly offers for Malaysian businesses include:

  • Chemicals and detergents – multipurpose neutral cleaner, acidic cement remover
  • Air freshener/deodorizer – 3in1 air freshener, air freshener aerosol cans and refills, insect repellent
  • Glass and kitchen cleaner – glass cleaner, surface cleaner, drain open, metal cleaner
  • Degreaser – Industrial degreaser, ultra duty degreaser
  • Hand, hair, and body hygiene – foam soap, hair & body shampoo and hand sanitizer
  • Floor cleaner – variety of detergents for various types of flooring
  • Washroom equipment – hand towel paper & dispenser, liquid soap dispenser and hand dryer
  • Cleaning machines – carpet cleaners, sweepers, polishers, and burnishers, wet and dry vacuums
  • Cleaning tools & equipment – microfiber mops, cloth, broom & dustpan, mop bucket, janitor trolley
  • Waste management – garbage bin, recycle bin, room bin, wheel bin, dumpsters

If you are looking for commercial-grade cleaning products that are Halal-certified, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and effective against dirt and grime, then our products will certainly meet your expectations. Our broad range of hygiene supplies, such as the ones listed above, cover the needs of a number of industries and spaces. Whatever you need to ensure your business is sparkling clean and germ-free, count on us LKM Hygiene Care.


Payment Method

Welcome to LKM Hygiene Care online store. A place to shop for your convenience.

Our product purchasing flows are as follow:

Step 1 : Add the product into shoping cart and check out the product

Step 2 : Sign into your account or register as new customer

Step 3 : Make payment by credit card or online banking

Step 4 : Confirmed order

Step 5 : All the orders will be delivered within 10 days once the order is confirmed

             [Delivery only available within West Malaysia (Peninsular) region]


(Notes : We only accept online order within Malaysia)