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New product - IMEC 556 SANI PINE Sanitizer 6 in 1, 2x10L

Our new IMEC 556 SANI PINE ability to disinfect, sanitize, and eliminate odor whether at school, offices, home, hospital, food facilities, vehicles and all area surrounding you.

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IMEC GS ECOBOT 75P – AI Robotic Ride On Scrubber Productivity Large Area

iMEC GS ECOBOT 75 is the new class leader in autonomous cleaning robotics to improve productivity, performance and offer a simplified programming interface for advance navigation. Its filtration system is at the cutting-edge of the technology, ensuring that the recycled water is clear for impeccable cleaning

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IMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER – AI Robotic Scrubber & Sanitizing System

iMEC GS ECOBOT 50 PRO SPRAYER is an AI-powered cleaning robot that goes beyong scope of “automation” integrated safety system. Operators can monitor the ecobot performance and access cleaning results through user friendly and interactive flet management system.

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Walk Behind Auto Floor Scrubber Battery Operated - Zero Chemical.

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Efficient cleaning with 3 in 1 function. Wash, Scrub & Dry at one time.

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