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Liquid Hand Sanitizer IMEC 585S EXTRA with 75% HIGH GRADE ETHANOL, 5L or 6x500ML

Part number: 100-585S-EXTRA-C

RM 137.00

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Name : IMEC 585S Extra Hand Sanitizer
Packing : 5L or 6x500ml
Dilution : Ready to Use


iMEC 585S Extra Hand Sanitizer is a specially formulated hand sanitizer with more than 65% alcohol to sanitize and eliminate bacteria up to 99.99% effectively on your hand.

  • Kill germs and bacteria up to 99.99% effectively and prevents spread of harmful germs
  • Non-sticky and quick-drying formula
  • Ingredients : High Grade Ethanol Alcohol contents 75% – 78%
  • Reduce bacteria on skin that may cause disease
  • Hand sanitizer (liquid)
  • For hand sanitizing purpose
  • Suitable to use with refill into a clean spray bottle (spray)
  • Disinfect and clean hands without soap or water (in absence of hand soap, use hand sanitizer)
  • Ideal to use in hospital, education center, day care center, shopping mall, any public area

How to use:

  • Directly apply to hand
    • Refill into a clean small spray bottle – spray hand sanitizer onto hand

Keep your hands clean and eliminate bacteria frequently to protect yourself and also from spreading of harmful germs to others


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